Where do you get the silverware? 

Most of the silverware I use is found in antique stores, thrift stores, or secondhand websites. 

When is the silverware from?

All of the silverware I use is vintage! Most patterns originated in 1920s-1960s. Some may be a bit earlier or later, but it is very difficult to say exactly what year a spoon is from. 

What material do you use? Will they tarnish?

Most of the silverware I use is silver plated or stainless steel. I do have some sterling silver pieces, which will be indicated in the description of those products. I rarely have issues with any of my pieces tarnishing. I do not recommend showering or swimming while wearing these pieces. I would recommend occassionally using polishing cloth to keep the shine. 

Can I send you my silverware to make into jewelry?

Yes! I am happy to do custom orders with your personal or family silverware. Please reach out through the contact form if you are interested.

There's a ring I want to buy, but it isn't my size. Can you make it in my size?

Possibly. This depends on whether or not I have more of that style, or if am able to make it into your desired size. If this is something you are wondering, please reach out through the contact form and let me know. 

It says there are only two available of a particular item, is it possible to get more?

Typically, when you see something on this website it will be limited stock. Most of the time I do not get the same patterns again after selling them. I do try to get the most popular ones again, but it is never guaranteed. 

How long does shipping take?

It varies, but I will typically be able to ship out orders within a few days of purchase. A shipping number will be provided once it gets sent out. 

Why was my order delayed or canceled?

Occassionally, something might be listed on the website that needs to be made before shipping. This could delay the order by a few days. If your order was canceled, it is likely due to a stock error. I am constantly working in person events and stocking stores so it is possible that something on the website may have already been sold. However, I do my best to keep it updated to prevent this.